Heavy and Underground Construction Consulting


Raymond W. Henn - Owner


With more than 44 years of experience in the heavy and tunnel/underground construction industry, Ray Henn offers contractors, engineers, owners, attorneys and insurers assistance with their projects.  Ray's 25 years of field experience, working for both contractors and construction managers, combined with his return to school to earn a PhD in Mining and Earth Systems Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines gives him an understanding of the practical as well as the technical and engineering requirements of heavy and underground construction projects being constructed in today's evermore challenging geologic, groundwater, environmental, and sometimes politically sensitive conditions.


Specialized Services Offered

Serving on Dispute Review Boards

Geotechnical Baseline Report (GBR) Reviews



Claims Evaluation and Negotiations

Providing Bid Support to Contractors



Arbitration and Litigation Support

Differing Site Condition (DSC) Evaluations



Serving as an Expert Witness

Supporting Forensic Investigations



Grouting and Ground Improvement

Serving on Value Engineering Teams



Conducting Tunnel Condition Surveys

Construction Management Services



Performing Design and Constructability Reviews

Developing Construction Costs, Schedules, and Contract Packaging


In addition to his in-depth expertise in these areas, Ray has a special talent for helping solve problems in critical or emergency situations.  He has helped contractors and owners overcome unplanned and sometimes dangerous conditions such as:  controlling surface settlement and sinkhole development; flooding of underground excavations; encountering natural gas and other flammable substances during excavations; cave-ins and unstable ground conditions; pipe buckling; as well as disabled (stuck) TBMs and MTBMs.  He is able to achieve this by utilizing his more than 44 years in tunneling and the underground construction industry, his specialized military training and his innate ability to respond positively and with leadership to high stress situations.  He is a firm believer in and lives by the saying "Time is Money".